and manage your funded account


We know how hard it is to pass a prop firm challenge by yourself, and how frustrating it is to fail one… That’s why we have built the ultimate service to pass your prop firm challenge and then manage your funded account for a small profit split!

Step 1.

Message Us

Send us a message on Telegram so one of our managers can get back to you shortly.

Step 2.

Provide Challenge Credentials

Give us your challenge log in details and pay a refundable management fee.

Step 3.

Get Funded

We will pass your prop firm challenge and refund you the passing fee if you want us to also manage your funded account.

Just a Few Client Testimonials…

Why choose us?

Includes Phase 1 & 2

No use of EAs / bots

Funded account management included

We have refundable fees

We use stop loss for every trade

We use unique IPs for every challenge

How does it work?

After reserving your spot you will be asked for details such as log in info and challenge rules

Our team will connect your challenge with our team of traders

You will see trades being taken on your account within 24 hours after reserving your spot

A Few Passed Challenges…

A Few Client Payouts

Frequently Asked Questions

What prop firms do you accept?

We accept any prop firm! There are no limits!

Can I place trades on my account during the process?

Upon handing the account to us, all manual trading by the client is strictly prohibited as it will interfere with our progress, which will result in an immediate violation of our rules and agreement.

Do you accept challenges in drawdown?

Sure! However pricing depends on the drawdown amount. Please contact us to get a quote.

Do you offer funded account management?

Yes, our service includes funded account management. We take a 25% profit split for management, calculated after the prop firm takes their cut. 

Everytime you receive a withdrawal we send out an invoice including our profit split.

Do you use an EA or place trades manually?

All of our trades are manually placed by our expert traders. We don’t use trading bots or EAs. Everything from placing trades to risk management is done manually by our team.

Can I get suspended if I use your services?

The short answer is no.

Prop firms can’t track your account as being managed by us because we don’t use the same IP address for all of our client’s accounts (that’s what most of our competitors do, hence why all of their clients get their accounts suspended after the challenge is passed). Each one of our client accounts has its own VPS, therefore its own IP, which makes it impossible for prop firms to know they are managed by the same entity.

Another safety measure we take is having multiple expert traders that manage the accounts so prop firms can’t recognize that the same exact trades are taken on multiple accounts. This also helps us diversify the trades we take and be consistently profitable.

Does the service include all phases?

Yes, our service includes management for all phases.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us on Telegram here: t.me/PassYourEval